This page contains information on upcoming projects. These are works in progress and are in various stages of development, anywhere from concept to beta. For more information on games we’ve published, head over to our Games page.

Yukan Tri
Platform: PC
Genre: Action/Platformer
YukanVSOpalAnimationSquish_med.gifYukan Tri is a four-part trilogy chronicling the adventures of the gun-wielding ghost-ninja Yukan. Traverse deadly traps and battle against the Soul Reapers on an epic quest to get to the end and win at the video game.

Sequence Break
Platform: PC
Genre: RPG
A simple request gets a bit more complicated when time and space shenanigans abound.
A standalone demo version called Sequence Break Abridged was created as part of the Lx0 2016 Winter Game Jam. You can download Sequence Break Abridged over on GameJolt.

Send More Wizards!
Platform: PC, Mobile
Genre: Arcade/Adventure
We lost another one? Ah well.A comical adventure game in which you try to reclaim a lost island from the devious Ark’nah. Unfortunately, the Guild of Wizardry is lacking in resources… They’ve sent a number of recruit-level wizards to the island, but none of them have come back yet. Luckily, their team of well-paid ethicists has approved a bold new Branniganesque plan: Send More Wizards!

Bit Depths
Platform: Mobile
Genre: Action/Adventure
Featuring real-time dungeon ecosystem collapse!
Bit Depths is a randomly-generated dungeon crawler. You collect gear, solve puzzles, fight monsters, and unlock cool stuff like more bits for your game system. Games are better if they have more bits. I learned that in the 90s.