Swimmy Shark (Android/iOS) Manual

{Playing the Game}
Swimmy Shark offers 3 game modes:
-Sink or Swim (Tap Control)
-Just Keep Swimming (Swipe Control)
-Making Waves (Tilt Control)

When you first start the game, it will be set to Sink or Swim.

[Game Mode: Sink or Swim]
Sharky sinks, and you must tap to keep him afloat. This is the “Classic” mode.

[Game Mode: Just Keep Swimming]
Sharky will follow wherever you touch. Touching the top or bottom edges of the screen will cause Sharky to move faster.

[Game Mode: Making Waves]
Sharky will move as you tilt the device. Tilt further to make Sharky move faster. Some devices may not correctly differentiate between “landscape” and “flipped landscape” orientation, causing the tilt controls to sometimes be read backwards. To correct this, simply flip the device.

[Coins and Dubloons]
As you play you will earn coins and dubloons which can be exchanged for costumes and other prizes. Coins are earned every time Sharky passes a column, while dubloons are earned at every 20th column.

At the title screen, there is a button labeled “Menu”. You can press this button to access all of the game’s shops and settings. On Android devices, you can also access the Menu by pressing the Back button. Some items will not appear in the menu until you have met certain criteria in the game.

[Game Mode]
The Game Mode option is located in the top-right corner of the Menu. You can tap to cycle through each of the game’s three game modes.

[Swimmy Store]
The Swimmy Store contains various costumes and outfits for Sharky. Some costumes have added cosmetic effects that will transform the entire game! Most costumes can be bought with coins, though some will require dubloons.

Once you’ve purchased your first costume, the Select Costume option will appear in the menu. You can use the left and right arrows to switch costumes, or tap Sharky to open the full Wardrobe interface.

[Sharky Pets]
Sharky Pets are earned through various in-game challenges. Once you’ve collected your first Pet, the Sharky Pets option will appear in the menu. Tap the icon to open the Pets interface. You can select up to three Sharky Pets at one time. To select a pet, drag their icon into one of the three pet slots at the bottom of the interface. To remove a pet, simply drag the red ‘X’ into a slot containing a pet.

[Daily Dubloon]
Every day, you can claim 1 free dubloon just for playing. Simply tap the Daily Dubloon button to claim your free dubloon.

[Sunken Treasure]
Dubloons can be traded for treasure chests which can contain coins or collectables. The Sunken Treasure button is located at the bottom-right side of the Menu beneath the Daily Dubloon button. Sunken Treasure is available in Bronze, Silver, or Gold chests. Bronze chests are the cheapest, but they have a lower chance of receiving prizes. Some prizes can only be earned from Silver and Gold chests.

{Shark Tank}
The Shark Tank is where you keep all of your collectables and pets. You can drag & drop collectables to place them anywhere you’d like, and rotate them using multi-touch. Sharky Pets will swim around the tank freely. To open the Shark Tank menu, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Swipe downward to close it.

[Treasure Chest]
The treasure chest icon in the Shark Tank menu can be used to store and retrieve collectables. If your tank is feeling a bit crowded, you can drop a collectable into the chest to store it. To retrieve stored prizes, simply tap the chest and your stored prizes will be dropped back into the tank.

The fishbowl icon is used to show or hide your Sharky Pets in the Shark Tank. Tap the icon once to hide pets, and tap it again to show them.

[Saving your Shark Tank]
To save your Shark Tank configuration and return to the menu, simply tap and hold the back arrow on the Shark Tank menu. On Android devices, you can also save & exit by pressing the Back button.