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Hyper Armageddon GX
Platform: Mobile
Genre: Arcade
Published: July 2016 (Android/iOS)
MSRP: $0.99
Hyper Armageddon GX Limited Collector’s Arcade Remix Turbo Championship Edition HD is an action-packed arcade experience that will take you on a crash-course journey through space and time (time sold separately). Face off against hordes of giant meteors, collect powerups and alien artifacts, build new upgrades for your ship, expand your moon base, and fight for survival in an unrelenting cosmic apocalypse.

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Swimmy Shark
Platform: Mobile
Genre: Arcade
Published: February 2014 (Android), February 2016 (iOS)
MSRP: Free!
Swimmy Shark by No Extra Lives
Swimmy Shark is a totally unique game where you play as a bird shark flying swimming through a series of copyright-infringing graphics Atlantean columns to try and get the high score! Earn coins and dubloons as you play one of three exciting game modes to unlock new costumes, pets, and other collectables for your Shark Tank! Best of all, Swimmy Shark is 100% free: no ads, no in-app purchases, no asterisks.

Developer’s high score: 183 238 256 260 333.

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