Welcome Back

Hey there, world. It’s been a while.

We first started No Extra Lives back in 2011. And at that time, it wasn’t very clear what we wanted to do. We tried to write some blogs about games we were designing, or games we were playing, but it didn’t really stick. I’m a gamer, not a blogger. The time it takes to sit down and write something thoughtful about industry trends or the combat mechanics in Silent Hill or some programming bug I worked around in Swimmy Shark is time that I could be using to get more XP or beat the next dungeon or… You get the picture. So what the heck do we do? What’s this blog really even for?

Well, let’s get a few things out of the way. What is No Extra Lives?

First and foremost, we are an indie game development company. We design games for mobile, PC, and with any luck, we’ll be able to branch out into consoles, tabletop, and more.

We are gamers. We sometimes use the Lx0 Twitch channel to do game streams or Let’s Plays, and maybe we’ll throw up an occasional post about something we’re playing, or a download for a map we made in Minecraft.

We are not games journalists or reviewers. This isn’t a review site. Our blog won’t give game scores. Why not? Well…

“Swimmy Shark is a revolutionary game that redefines the mobile genre. 12/10”
-the guy that made Swimmy Shark

You get the picture.

We aren’t going to promise that this blog will be updated every week, or that we’ll be on the cutting edge of industry news, but we will promise one thing: we’re back, and we’re better than ever.

Welcome to the new Lx0.

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